In times of crisis, be a Host.

A powerful welcome for refugees

Right now, refugee guests from Afghanistan need short-term stays. You can help, even if you’ve never hosted before.

In February 2022, reached its goal of facilitating stays for 20,000 Afghan refugee guests. These stays were funded by Airbnb, alongside other donors to With your support, we can do even more. Help provide stays for the next 20,000 refugees by joining thousands of Hosts to offer short-term stays for free or at a discount, or donate toward stays for people in times of crisis.

Offer a place to stay

You can help welcome even more people by hosting free or discounted short-term stays.

How hosting works

  • You’ll provide a comfortable bed, basic amenities, and as many consecutive nights as possible.
  • partners with resettlement agencies that screen refugee guests for eligibility and assist them before, during, and after their stays.
  • Airbnb provides Hosts with AirCover: $1 million in liability insurance, $1 million in damage protection, and more.

Explore the journey of hosting

Find out more about how to host refugee guests in the Resource Center.

Find a place to stay

To find a place to stay through, first connect with one of our resettlement agencies or nonprofit partners.

Once you’re connected with the resettlement agency or nonprofit partner, they will book and coordinate payment for stays on your behalf as a refugee guest.

What resettlement agencies do

Our partners are resettlement agencies and other nonprofits that welcome Afghan refugees. These organizations support newcomers in finding housing, healthcare, job support, and more.

What does provides grants and technology to our nonprofit partners to connect their clients with secure temporary housing.

Our partners

  • HIAS
  • CWS
  • International Rescue Committee

Make a donation

Every dollar donated helps fill a critical need for emergency stays.

How donating works

  • 100% of your donation will go toward connecting people with temporary housing.
  • doesn’t charge processing fees, so every dollar you donate helps people find a place to stay.
  • Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable under your local tax laws.

How Airbnb contributes

Supporting Hosts

Airbnb provides Hosts with AirCover: $1 million in liability insurance, $1 million in damage protection, and more.

Funding stays

Airbnb and its founders are contributing to the first 20,000 stays for Afghan refugee guests.

Waiving fees

Airbnb is waiving Host and guest fees on all stays for refugees.