Our mission is to unlock the power of sharing space, resources, and support in times of need.
For over 8 years, Airbnb helped people in times of crisis through the Open Homes initiative. Airbnb.org is the next chapter. We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with our own mission and board of directors.

How we work.

Partnering with nonprofits

Airbnb.org gives grants to nonprofits that connect people to temporary housing, resources, and specialized support in times of crisis. We also provide access to free and discounted housing offered by the Airbnb host community.

Investing in equity

We believe in using our power and resources to contribute to a more just world. Airbnb.org invests in organizations with strategies and programs that are aligned with our commitment to advancing equity in communities.

Understanding our impact

We aim to map the impact of our funding and housing program to improving psychosocial wellbeing, alleviating financial burden, and strengthening community and belonging for guests.

Partnerships and grants

Airbnb.org is not accepting requests for funding at this time. In 2021, we’ll share information about our upcoming grant cycle directly with eligible nonprofits.

How we work with Airbnb, Inc.

Airbnb.org is an independent and publicly-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Airbnb.org leverages Airbnb, Inc.’s technology, services, and other resources at no charge to carry out Airbnb.org’s charitable purpose. Airbnb.org is a separate and independent entity from Airbnb, Inc. Airbnb, Inc. does not charge service fees for Airbnb.org supported stays on its platform.

The Open Homes program was created by Airbnb, and inspired by the generosity of Airbnb hosts, as a way to help people in need find temporary accommodations. The Open Homes program is currently being transitioned to Airbnb.org, and Airbnb.org will build upon the efforts of the program, consistent with Airbnb.org’s charitable purpose and mission.